Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing: Restore Your Vehicle’s Comfort and Pride

Your car’s interior isn’t just about getting from A to B – it’s your space, your sanctuary, your second home. You pour hours into it, and it deserves better than stains, odors, and the dulling effects of time.

At Obsessed Car Detailing we get that. Our interior detailing services aren’t just about making things look nice (though, wow will they ever), it’s about reclaiming that pride of ownership, breathing new life into faded surfaces, and purifying the air you breathe. It’s an investment in your comfort, your well-being, and the long-term value of your vehicle. Because the way you live in your car matters. Let us help you reclaim your space.

Benefits of Interior Detailing

  • Enhanced Comfort: A clean, fresh interior promotes a healthier environment, reducing allergens and bacteria.
  • Preserved Resale Value: Regular detailing helps maintain the condition of your vehicle’s interior, protecting your investment.
  • Renewed Pride: Step into an interior that looks and feels like new, instilling pride and satisfaction with every drive.

Our standard premium package includes:

  • Full crevice/carpet compressed air blowout.
  • Thorough vacuum.
  • A combination of steam, compressed air, and proper chemicals to clean every nook and cranny in each and every trim panel such as the dash center console, door pads, seat rails, etc.
  • Spot stain treatment for fabric seats and carpeting (hot water extraction available at an additional cost.
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning.
  • Rubber/Fabric floor mats cleaned.
  • Glass cleaned.
Sedans starting at $150
Trucks starting at $150
Midsize SUVs starting at $175
Large SUVs/Vans starting at $200
*Pricing is subject to condition of vehicle
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