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Unlock Your Vehicle’s Hidden Gloss with Obsessed Car Detailings Paint Correction

Tired of a dull finish holding your vehicle back from its full potential? Do scratches and swirls make you cringe every time you walk out to your car? It’s time to experience the transformative power of paint correction from Obsessed Car Detailing.

More Than Just Just a Pretty Finish

Your vehicle’s paintwork is its crowning glory, a reflection of your personal style and pride of ownership. But over time, imperfections can creep in – oxidation leaves a dull haze, while scratches and swirls create an unsightly “spider web” effect. Water spots, bug splatters, and bird droppings only add to the problem.

At Obsessed Car Detailing, we’re passionate about reversing this damage and revealing the vibrant color and breathtaking clarity your paint was meant to have. Our expert paint correction services will make your vehicle look so good, people will think it just rolled off the showroom floor.

The Obsessed Car Detailing Paint Correction Experience

When you choose Obsessed Car Detailing, you’re not just getting a service – you’re embarking on a journey to a flawless finish. Here’s what you can expect:

Inspection and Consultation: We will give your paint a thorough once-over under bright lights, identifying every imperfection. We’ll then sit down with you to discuss a personalized correction plan and answer any questions you have.

Washing and Decontamination: We’ll start with a meticulous wash using pH-balanced cleaners, followed by clay bar treatment to remove any hidden contaminants that could interfere with the correction process.

Stage 1 Polishing (Heavy Correction): Time to get aggressive! Using a machine polisher and a heavy-cut compound, we’ll tackle those major imperfections like deep scratches and oxidation.

Stage 2 Polishing (Fine Correction): Now we refine. A finer polish is used to remove any remaining light scratches or hazing from the heavy correction stage.

Stage 3 Polishing (Jeweling): The magic happens here. An ultra-fine polish is used to give the paint an otherworldly level of clarity and gloss.

Protection: Once we’ve achieved perfection, we’ll apply a pre-selected wax, sealant, or coating to protect the paint and maintain that freshly corrected finish.

Prepare to Be Amazed

Paint correction is a game-changer, and Obsessed Car Detailing is the team to trust. We are extensively trained, and we only use premium products to ensure jaw-dropping results that will make your vehicle the envy of the road.

Don’t wait any longer to unlock your vehicle’s hidden gloss. Contact Obsessed Car Detailing today to schedule your paint correction service and get ready to fall in love with your car all over again!

Paint Correction Packages

Gloss Enhancement

Give your vehicle the shine it deserves! This package is perfect to eliminate very minor paint imperfections and for those looking for a strict gloss enhancement.

Exterior wash and dry: We’ll get your car squeaky clean.

Clay bar treatment: We’ll remove contaminants, ensuring a silky smooth finish.

Enhancement polish application: Minor imperfections will disappear, leaving a dazzling high gloss.

Paint sealant or coating: We’ll protect that shine and make future cleaning a breeze.

Starting at just $300
*Pricing subject to size and condition of vehicle

Tesla paint correction

One-Step Correction

Say goodbye to light swirl marks, minor scratches, and oxidation! This one-stage polish is ideal for vehicles needing a moderate correction.

Exterior wash and dry: A thorough cleaning to start the process.

Clay bar treatment: Contaminants don’t stand a chance, ensuring optimal results.

One-step polish application: This powerful polish will correct defects and leave a stunning high gloss.

Paint sealant or coating: Lock in that shine and protect your paint.

Starting at just $500
*Pricing subject to size and condition of vehicle

Two-Step Perfection

Is your car plagued by deep swirl marks, scratches, and heavy oxidation? Our two-stage polish will transform your vehicle into a showroom stunner!

Exterior wash and dry: The perfect beginning to the transformation.

Clay bar treatment: Contaminants are eliminated, paving the way for perfection.

Heavy cutting compound: The first stage aggressively corrects heavy defects.

Finishing polish: The second stage refines the finish, eliminating any scratches from the compound.

Paint sealant or coating: Your new shine is sealed in and protected.

Starting at just $800
*Pricing subject to size and condition of vehicle

Why Choose Our Paint Correction Packages?

Our experienced technicians use only the highest quality products.

We take the time to do it right, ensuring an unparalleled finish.

Proper paint correction maintains your vehicle’s value.

A protected finish means less maintenance and cleaning in the future.

Don’t settle for anything less than a showroom shine. Choose the polish package that’s right for your vehicle and let us transform the paint into a dazzling finish that will turn heads!

paint correction
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